Edible Flowers

Welcome to our gourmet edible flowers lovingly cultivated here at Bumblebee flower Farm. We grow all our flowers under organic principles and all are soil based ensuring better flavour and longer shelf life. We pride ourselves in the care and attention to detail in our growing process and all our flowers are harvested by hand, packed, refrigerated and only picked to order.

  • Calendula

    All year

  • Purslane

    While it can be available all year we can only guarantee it from March to June and September to November. It can be ephemeral so if you require some outside these times please check availability.

  • Viola

    All year (limited quantities November/February)

  • Primula denticulata

    March - April

  • Allium


  • Tulip

    End March – Early May

  • Aquilegia



    April - October

  • Antirrhinum

    April- Nov

  • Nasturtium

    April - November

Using flowers as an edible declined dramatically due to the over-use of chemicals but has seen a huge resurgence recently due to more organic growing practices. The culinary use of edible flowers dates back thousands of years. Flowers have held an eminent place in our art, religions, medicine, and kitchens since ancient times. So many different cultures have incorporated them in their traditional cuisine. Culinary artists have elevated flowers to a whole new level. Beauty, fragrance and romance will always stimulate human senses and flowers will draw us in with their colour and scent transforming a green salad to a veritable rainbow feast for the eyes and palate or turn a simple wedding cake into a culinary masterpiece for a fraction of the cost of fancy sugar work. Drinks and cocktails look delightful with the addition of these floating beauties making them more visually appealing and a wonderful talking point. We can supply you with individual flower varieties or mixed selections, sweet or savoury and as the season changes so will our flowers.